Early Day Motions - EDMs

Make Your MP Work for You - That is Their Job

Your MP is elected to parliament to represent all those who live in their constituency irregardless of their immigration status or age and you do not have to be on the electoral register.

Early Day Motions EDMs are ways of raising issues in Parliament, that do not get mentioned in the normal days business in the House of Commons.

Some of your MPs will try to put you off, don't take 'No' for an answer, some may say, as I am a cabinet member, (Prime Minister, Home Secretary etc.) it is against Parliamentary Convention for a minister to sign/table EDMs. Tell them that is palpable nonsense, irregardless of your cabinet position, you are first and foremost a constituency MP, in parliament to represent your constituents.

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Ask your MP to sign the EDM's below!


Early Day Motion 283: State Pension Age Increases
That this House deplores the speed at which the increases in the state pension age are being introduced, especially for the group of women born between 6 April 1950 and 5 April 1953; believes that the increase in pension age to 66 should be postponed until 2020; recognises that the increase will cause hardship for a large number of women; and calls on the Government to recognise that the increase in retirement age is not an option for people in certain occupations.
Primary sponsor: Hamilton, Fabian / <http://www.parliament.uk/edm/2013-14/283>House of Commons: 20.06.2013


Early Day Motion 253: No More Page 3 Campaign
That this House is concerned about the strong link between the portrayal of women as sexual objects and attitudes that underpin violence and discrimination against women and girls; notes that this has been demonstrated by the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women and in a Government-commissioned Sexualisation of Young People Review; applauds the work of the No More Page 3 campaign; observes that The Sun newspaper is available across the parliamentary estate in at least eight locations; further notes that if someone is looking at page 3 of The Sun others can be subjected to it whether they like it or not; and calls on the House of Commons Administration Committee to take the necessary steps to prevent the House stocking The Sun newspaper until it removes the Page 3 feature.

Primary sponsor: Lucas, Caroline  - <>  House of Commons: Date tabled: 17.06.2013


EDM 256: End Trade of Conflict Minerals in the European Union
That this House notes that the European Union (EU) has opened a public consultation on a possible EU initiative on conflict minerals; applauds the hard work of UK non-governmental organisations (NGOs), notably Global Witness, Christian Aid and Save the Congo, as well as Congolese NGOs, particularly ASSODIP, CREDDHO, OGP and CENADEP, for their campaign work to end the international trade of minerals that funds conflict in Congo; recalls the central role played by the UK in clamping down on blood diamonds which funded brutal wars in Angola, DRC, Liberia, Sierra Leone and elsewhere; urges the EU Commission to ensure that the initiative is mandatory, based on the Organisation for Economic, Co-operation and Development's Due Diligence Guidance, applies to all segments in the supply chain and focuses on the 3T's (tungsten, tantalum and tin) and gold but that may be extended to any natural resource funding conflict; and further urges the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Chancellor of the Exchequer to pledge UK support for EU, legally-binding legislation to ensure that natural resources traded by companies and individuals in the UK are sourced responsibly and have not funded conflict or human rights abuses in foreign countries.

Sponsors: Hain, Peter/ Bayley, Hugh - <>  House of Commons: 17.06.2013


Early Day Motion 261: World Health Organisation Report On Iraq
That this House is deeply concerned that a World Health Organisation (WHO) report into the catastrophic health effects of the war in Iraq has still not been published; understand that the report was commissioned to gauge the effect of toxic war pollutants on the population which appears to have resulted in sterility, repeated miscarriages, stillbirths and severe birth defects which are still increasing in frequency; notes that the report was due to be published in November 2012; further notes that 58 scientists, health professionals and human rights activists from around the world have called for its immediate publication; and calls on the Government to put pressure on the WHO to publish the report immediately and to make it available to the House.

Primary sponsor: Galloway, George - <> House of Commons: 17.06.2013


Early Day Motion 234: Closure Of Public Service Broadcaster In Greece
That this House condemns the decision of the Greek government to shut down the public broadcasting organisation ERT's three television stations, radio and regional radio stations, satellite emissions and internet portal which together employ approximately 2,700 people; notes that the decision was taken without democratic debate in the Greek parliament; further notes that whilst it will re-open this will be on the basis of significantly reduced staffing levels; regrets that employees at ERT were given very little notice when the government shut off its transmitters; believes that Greece needs a reliable news source given the desperate time for the country, the economic situation and rise of dangerous far-right groups; therefore sends its support and solidarity to all the journalists who have been treated in this disgraceful way; and calls on the Greek government to reverse this damaging decision.

Sponsors: Clark, Katy/ Corbyn, Jeremy /Hancock, Mike / Hopkins, Kelvin / Russell, Bob

<>  House of Commons: 12.06.2013

Early Day Motion 232: Protests In Turkey
That this House notes that despite the impression given by the mass media that the events in Turkey are subsiding, thenews from many in Turkey remains worrying; further notes that the Turkish government appears intent on suppressing widespread democratic protests by brute force; believes that hand picked groups are being depicted as representatives of the protestors in order to give the impression that they are trying to bring about a negotiated solution; further notes that the police attacks using water cannons and tear gas continue unabated in many provinces as well as Istanbul and that there are already nearly 600 injured in hospitals, some of them critically; and calls on the Government to make representations to the Turkish government on its handling of the protests as a matter of urgency.

Sponsors: Corbyn, Jeremy/ Hopkins, Kelvin/ Russell, Bob

<>  House of Commons: 12.06.2013


Early Day Motion 217: Living Wage For Barbican Cleaners
That this House notes that the cleaners employed by MITIE, under contract at the Barbican Centre, are paid below the London Living Wage; urges the Corporation of the City of London which owns the Barbican Centre to take appropriate steps to raise the wages of its cleaners to the rate recommended by the Greater London Authority as the London Living Wage of £8.55 per hour; further notes that the cleaners at the Barbican Centre have raised serious complaints at their treatment; and expects the cleaners to be treated with respect and dignity at work.

Sponsors: Corbyn, Jeremy /  Caton, Martin / Clark, Katy / Cryer, John / Lavery, Ian / McDonnell, John  -  <>   House of Commons: 11.06.2013

Early Day Motion 219: Gay-To-Straight Conversion Therapy in the UK
That this House believes that being lesbian, gay or bisexual is not a disease or illness and that therapy which attempts to cure or change a person's sexual orientation is both ineffective and potentially extremely harmful; notes that a 2009 survey of 1,300 British psychiatrists, therapists and psychoanalysts revealed over 200 had attempted to change at least one patient's sexuality (BMC Psychiatry, 9:11, 26 March 2009); further notes than an undercover investigation in 2010 (The Independent, 1 February 2010) found one psychotherapist claimed most of her clients were forwarded to her from her local GP; further notes that the Department of Health does not condone the concept of therapists offering cures for homosexuality and recognises that the practice may well cause significant harm to some patients; is deeply concerned that nothing currently prevents conversion therapists from freely operating in Britain or practising in the psychotherapy sector; and therefore calls on the Government to investigate any NHS links with conversion therapists, ensuring that NHS medical professionals cannot inflict this cruel treatment on their patients and to take steps to ban conversion therapy for under-18s.

Sponsors: Osborne, Sandra / Betts, Clive / Blunt, Crispin / Gilbert, Stephen / McDonnell, John / Williams, Stephen   -  <>  House of Commons: 11.06.2013


Early Day Motion 180: Employers' Liability Scheme - Asbestos
That this House welcomes the Mesothelioma Bill (HL Bill 3) currently before Parliament which seeks to remedy the historic failure of insurance companies to maintain records of employers' liability insurance, which has led to those suffering from long-latent asbestos-related diseases whose employers are no longer trading and who have been unable to trace their insurers going for decades uncompensated; and believes when concluded the Act should contain an employers' liability scheme which would provide an insurance fund of last resort to pay full compensation for all affected by this terrible disease.

Sponsors: Meale, Alan / Crausby, David / Dobbin, Jim / Lavery, Ian / Morris, Grahame M / Sheridan, Jim   -   <>   House of Commons: 04.06.2013 


Early day motion 186: G4S Treatment Of Olympic Park Sub-Contractors
That this House notes with serious concern the ongoing failure of G4S to pay sub-contractors for their excellent work carried out at the Olympic site; recalls the problems caused by G4S at the 2012 Olympics when HM armed forces had to be drafted in to provide security; further notes the rather favourable agreement G4S has recently reached with the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympics Games (LOCOG); and expresses surprise that the Chairman of LOCOG and its senior officers have not yet intervened to remind G4S of its ethical and financial responsibilities to the small and medium-sized firms involved.

Sponsors: Sheerman, Barry / Russell, Bob  -  <>  House of Commons: 04.06.2013 


EDM 2838: Blacklisting
That this House notes with extreme concern the report in The Observer newspaper of 4 March 2012 concerning the involvement of the police and security services in the compilation of a blacklist of workers by the Consulting Association used to deny those workers access to employment; further notes that the operation of a blacklist in this wayis contrary to law and morally reprehensible; and calls on the Secretary of State for the Home Department to establish an independent public inquiry into the operation of blacklisting in the UK given that over 3,200 workers were found to be on the Consulting Association's blacklist, which was used by over 40 major construction and engineering companies and which had such severe consequences for the blacklisted workers and their families as their livelihoods were undermined.

Primary sponsor: John McDonnell, date tabled: 07/03/2012


EDM 2803: Trade Union Recognition In Qinetiq
That this House notes with concern that defence contractor QinetiQ has informed trade unions it is formally terminating trade union recognition and collective agreements with effect from the end of March 2012 with Prospect, Unite, PCS and GMB; further notes previous comments by QinetiQ's chief executive officer that unions have played a `crucial role' in negotiating and representing employees to reach `equitable solutions for all'; further notes that QinetiQ receives an annual income of around 500 million from contracts with the Ministry of Defence; and calls on the Secretary of State for Defence to meet, as a matter of urgency, unions involved with the aim of ensuring QinetiQ continues to recognise the trade unions and maintains collective bargaining.

Primary sponsor: Frank Doran, date tabled: 29/02/2012

EDM 2805: Treatment of Staff Employed by Heathrow Express

That this House is appalled at the clear victimisation of staff and union representatives employed by Heathrow Express; notes that the continued provocative actions of Heathrow Express have resulted in members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union being forced to take industrial action to defend their colleagues; is concerned at reports that the British Airports Authority (BAA) is working in conjunction with Heathrow Express in efforts to end trade union organisation through the UK airport industry; is further concerned that Heathrow Express and BAA's actions and bullying approach to staff will paint a damaging image to visitors to the UK especially in this Olympic year; and calls on BAA and Heathrow Express urgently to meet the unions to resolve this dispute.

Primary sponsor: John McDonnell, date tabled: 29/02/2012 


EDM 2770: Cleaners Employed On Eurostar
That this House supports members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers Union in their industrial dispute with Rentokil Initial; applauds cleaners at the Eurostar terminals at St. Pancras International, who help maintain the UK's status as a major tourist destination, particularly during this Olympic year; notes that staff employed by Rentokil Initial to do this important job, who have not had a pay rise for four years, currently earn 6.76 per hour and have rejected a miserly 13 pence per hour pay rise; regards such poverty wages for cleaning staff maintaining the plush Eurostar terminal as a national scandal; believes that cleaners across the capital should be paid the London living wage of 8.30 per hour; further notes that cleaners working for other contractors on the Eurostar terminal earn around 8 per hour; is alarmed by testimony that Rentokil Initial has contracted a recruitment company that is recruiting workers to break the union's strike action; and calls on the Government to intervene in this dispute to persuade the employer to attend Advisory, Concilliation and Arbitration Service talks to resolve this pay dispute and to stop exploiting vulnerable workers.
Primary sponsor: Frank Dobson, date tabled: 23/02/2012