Thursday, July 7

'News Of The World' phone-hacking scandal: strong unions needed to safeguard quality

The fresh revelations about News of the World (NOTW) phone hacking will have horrified anyone with even the remotest shred of human decency.

That private investigators employed by the News International-owned tabloid could hack the phone of a murdered teenager (giving her parents false hope that she might still be alive and potentially obstructing a criminal investigation), and do likewise to victims of the July 7 bombings, to the parents of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, and to the families of soldiers killed in action almost beggars belief.

But this is more than a story about bad journalistic practice, it is an example of corporate power unchecked, of where rampant profiteering, vicious union-bashing and political manipulation leads.
Read more: NUJ Left, 7 July 2011

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