Tuesday, September 6

Early day motion 2137: Campaign to Save The Irish Post Newspaper
That this House expresses its concern at the sudden decision of the Cork-based Thomas Crosbie Holdings to close the longest running, largest circulation community weekly newspaper for the Irish in the UK; notes the belief of former staff and management that viable alternatives to closure are available and their launch of a community campaign to `Save the Irish Post'; further notes that the Federation of Irish Societies, with more than 150 affiliated clubs and societies throughout England and Wales, has described the Post as a central pillar of the community; further notes that the Irish Post has, for more than forty years, been the `voice of the Irish in Britain', defended the community against discrimination, promoted peace and reconciliation, celebrated Irish identity, ethnicity, history and culture; showcased Irish talent and promoted trade and commerce; believes that a vibrant and diverse community press and media is vital to the promotion of good relations in society; and supports the Irish community in its battle to save this vital resource.
Primary sponsor: Chris Ruane, Date tabled: 05/09/2011

Early day motion 2133: Casual Workers' Rights
That this House is troubled at the lack of protection for casual workers in the United Kingdom; notes with disappointment that at present casual workers can have their shifts cut short with no prior notice; acknowledges that temporary agency workers can often be amongst the most vulnerable in the United Kingdom; and calls on the Government to introduce stronger minimum rights for casual workers, including a minimum notice period before a shift can be cut short, to ensure that they are treated fairly and with respect in the workplace.
Primary sponsor: Katy Clark, Date tabled: 05/09/2011

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