Wednesday, June 6

“Violence against journalists remains a special category of crime, as it is a direct attack on society and democracy itself”

Continued attacks in Europe: journalists need protection from violence

Journalism is a dangerous profession, including in Europe. Since the beginning of this year, journalists have suffered physical attacks in Azerbaijan on a number of occasions, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania and Russia. Governments should treat violence against journalists with the utmost seriousness, as such attacks aim at the core of our democracies.

Often, the perpetrators of the attacks are unknown assailants, usually several masked men, but sometimes they have been riot police or state sponsored security guards.

Read more: Nils Muiznieks European Commissioner for Human Rights, 05/06/12

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  1. It is true that however the intentions of only targeting journalists for violence, there's the other perspective of silencing them as a masked message for the public themselves not to speak anymore. It's like we're being governed by marshal law.