Monday, November 12

  • Paralysed on one side, unable to speak properly, blind in one eye summoned to Atos work capacity assessment, suffered a stroke whilst attending, then told he was to lose his disability benefits and died the day after the benefit was stopped!
EDM 687: Work Capability Assessment And Day Of Remembrance
That this House wishes to record the case of Mr Brian McArdle who, having suffered a blood clot on his brain, was left paralysed on one side, unable to speak properly and blind in one eye and yet was summoned to an Atos work capacity assessment, before which he suffered a further stroke and was eventually informed he was to lose his disability benefits; notes with sadness the Mr McArdle died from a heart attack the day after his benefits were stopped and that his 13 year old son Kieran wrote to Atos to tell the company that their assessments `are killing genuine people like my dad'; and appreciates why disability campaigners like Susan Archibald are calling for the suspension of Atos assessments, and why Jim Moore and other campaigners are calling for 3 December to be a day of remembrance for all Atos victims.

Sponsors: McDonnell, John  /  House of Commons / Date tabled: 05/11/2012

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