Monday, May 20

Ozen Sengulen, Feedback - Press Freedom Day - 3.05.2013
On the day of Press Freedom Day the meeting organised by NUJ was on the issue of the journalists in jail in Turkey.
The first speaker Coskun Musluk, academician and columnist, attended the meeting through Skype.  He spent more than one year in jail without any charge against him.  He highlighted the unlawfulness of the process by saying that “my release is as unlawful as my arrest.”
The second speaker was European Federation of Journalists Turkey campaign co-ordinator Mehmet Koksal, who is also vice president of the Belgian journalists association.  He showed the example of the newspaper, Arrested Gazette, issued by the journalists in jail, who hold different political views, but all stand in common against the unlawful policies of the government.  He said that all journalists coming from different ideologies such as Kurdish movement, nationalist or socialist were now fighting against the same enemy, AKP.  

The third speaker, T
UC policy officer Sean Bamford mentioned that the oppression was not only against journalists, it was against anybody, women, Kurdish, unions who want to express their opinions.  He gave the example from the May Day celebration and the police brutality against it.

International Federation of Journalists president Jim Boumelha informed us that the study of associated press in 2011 released that one third of 13.000 terrorist convictions worldwide handed down by Turkish state.  He also touched the role of `Muslim democracy` played by Turkish government on the region, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria

The meeting finished with solidarity messages from both the platform and the floor.

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