Wednesday, April 6

Early day motion 1730: BBC Radio Cornwall
That this House congratulates BBC Radio Cornwall for its work providing news and entertainment to over 140,000 loyal listeners across the Duchy, equivalent to 32 per cent. of the local population; notes that the quality of its programming gives it one of the highest average hours per listener ratings in the whole country, 15.44 hours per week; commends the valuable role it plays in maintaining Cornwall's character and community identity; acknowledges the help and information it provides to the millions of residents and tourists; believes that a functioning democracy needs an effective and objective local broadcast media; further acknowledges that BBC Radio Cornwall provides excellent value for money and is the brand leader in terms of cost per listening hour; but remains deeply concerned by proposals to end daytime programming; and calls on the BBC to make a commitment to fund Radio Cornwall to at least maintain thecurrent level and quality of output.
Primary sponsor: Andrew George, Date tabled: 05.04.2011

Early day motion 1720: BBC Radio Sussex
That this House notes BBC Radio Sussex is a much loved and valuable institution throughout the South of England; celebrates its unique role in providing news and information; is deeply concerned that the BBC is considering reducing local radio output; believes that such a move would undermine local radio stations as a whole and if it were to happen would be a huge disservice to communities in the South of England and to the millions of visitors to the region who rely on the service; and calls on the BBC to maintain the current level of output from Radio Sussex.
Primary sponsor: Caroline Lucas, Date tabled: 05.04.2011

Early day motion 1724: Employment law and tribunal rights
That this House supports the aspiration, contained in the consultation paper, Resolving Workplace Disputes, to deal with individual employment disputes efficiently; wishes to reaffirm its belief that access to employment tribunals, which enable individuals to enforce essential employment rights, isa fundamental pillar of workplace justice; fears that the proposals, as written, will significantly worsen the ability of people to enforce their rights and will encourage poor employment practice; condemns the proposal to increase the qualifying period for unfair dismissal to two years as this would further restrictrights not to be unfairly dismissed from a significant proportion of the working population; further condemns the proposal to remove the rights of employees to have their claims for unfair dismissal heard by tribunal members with extensive practical workplace experience, leaving them to be decided by judges alone; rejects the proposals to introduce a fee to file a claim in the Employment Tribunal which would inevitably deter lower paid and vulnerable members of the community from seeking to secure their rights; and therefore calls on the Government to withdraw its proposed reforms.
Primary sponsor: Kelvin Hopkins, Date tabled: 05.04.2011

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