Thursday, April 28

Put your MP to work request they sign
EDMs 1741/1764/1761

Early Day Motions are very good ways of raising issues in parliament, which may not get debated in normal sittings of parliament.
You can contact your MP for free, through: WriteToThem.Com

Early day motion 1741: BBC Radio Leicester
That this House celebrates the work of BBC Radio Leicester, the UK's first local radio station, in serving the communities of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland; recognises that 172,000 people tune into it each week; values its unique role in covering events in city and county, including the upcoming Leicester Mayor debate, which is a vital aspect of local democracy; notes that following the recent merger of Leicester Sound it is now the only station for Leicester and Leicestershire and the only regional journalism based station; appreciates its role in providing specific programming for Leicester's Black and Asian residents and in starting the Asian Network; is concerned that the BBC is considering reducing local radio output; believes that this would be a huge disservice to Leicester's communities; and calls on the BBC to maintain the current level of output from Radio Leicester.
Primary sponsor: Vaz, Keith, Date tabled: 26.04.2011

Early day motion 1764: BBC Radio Manchester
That this House believes that BBC Radio Manchester is a much loved and valuable institution throughout the North West; celebrates its unique role in providing news and information across Greater Manchester; is deeply concerned that the BBC is considering reducing local radio output; further believes that such a move would undermine local radio stations as a whole and that if it were to happen it would be a huge disservice to communities in the North West and to the millions of visitors to the region who rely on the service; and calls on the BBC to maintain the current level of output from Radio Manchester.
Primary sponsor: John Leech, Date tabled: 27.04.2011

Early day motion 1761: Workers' Memorial Day
That this House welcomes the fact that Workers' Memorial Day on 28 April is an internationally recognised day which commemorates those who have died, been seriously injured, or made seriously ill by their work; notes with regret that according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) last year 1.3 million people suffered from a long-standing or new illness caused by or made worse by their work, 152 workers were killed at work and thousands of people died of mesothelioma and occupational cancers and lung diseases; recognises that the real figures are likely to be much higher as many work-related incidents are not included in the HSE's headline statistics; deeply laments that people are still dying, being seriously injured or made ill simply as a result of carrying out their day-to-day job often as a result of health and safety failingsby employers; further notes the estimated cost of around 30 billion per year to the economy of poor workplace health and safety and that this burden is borne heavily by workers and their families; expresses concern at the budget cuts faced by the HSE of around 35 per cent. and the Government's proposals contained in Common Safety - progress report; reaffirms the right of all workers to work in a safe and healthy workplace; and therefore calls on the Government to make Workers' Memorial Day a public holiday and to ensure that the HSE is adequately resourced in order to stop more people dying or receiving injuries or being made ill unnecessarily.
Primary sponsor: John McDonnell,Date tabled: 27.04.2011

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