Wednesday, June 12

Early Day Motion 234: Closure Of Public Service Broadcaster In Greece
That this House condemns the decision of the Greek government to shut down the public broadcasting organisation ERT's three television stations, radio and regional radio stations, satellite emissions and internet portal which together employ approximately 2,700 people; notes that the decision was taken without democratic debate in the Greek parliament; further notes that whilst it will re-open this will be on the basis of significantly reduced staffing levels; regrets that employees at ERT were given very little notice when the government shut off its transmitters; believes that Greece needs a reliable news source given the desperate time for the country, the economic situation and rise of dangerous far-right groups; therefore sends its support and solidarity to all the journalists who have been treated in this disgraceful way; and calls on the Greek government to reverse this damaging decision.

Sponsors: Clark, Katy/ Corbyn, Jeremy /Hancock, Mike / Hopkins, Kelvin / Russell, Bob

<>  House of Commons: 12.06.2013

Early Day Motion 232: Protests In Turkey
That this House notes that despite the impression given by the mass media that the events in Turkey are subsiding, thenews from many in Turkey remains worrying; further notes that the Turkish government appears intent on suppressing widespread democratic protests by brute force; believes that hand picked groups are being depicted as representatives of the protestors in order to give the impression that they are trying to bring about a negotiated solution; further notes that the police attacks using water cannons and tear gas continue unabated in many provinces as well as Istanbul and that there are already nearly 600 injured in hospitals, some of them critically; and calls on the Government to make representations to the Turkish government on its handling of the protests as a matter of urgency.

Sponsors: Corbyn, Jeremy/ Hopkins, Kelvin/ Russell, Bob

<>  House of Commons: 12.06.2013


Early Day Motion 217: Living Wage For Barbican Cleaners
That this House notes that the cleaners employed by MITIE, under contract at the Barbican Centre, are paid below the London Living Wage; urges the Corporation of the City of London which owns the Barbican Centre to take appropriate steps to raise the wages of its cleaners to the rate recommended by the Greater London Authority as the London Living Wage of £8.55 per hour; further notes that the cleaners at the Barbican Centre have raised serious complaints at their treatment; and expects the cleaners to be treated with respect and dignity at work.

Sponsors: Corbyn, Jeremy /  Caton, Martin / Clark, Katy / Cryer, John / Lavery, Ian / McDonnell, John  -  <>   House of Commons: 11.06.2013


Early Day Motion 219: Gay-To-Straight Conversion Therapy in the UK
That this House believes that being lesbian, gay or bisexual is not a disease or illness and that therapy which attempts to cure or change a person's sexual orientation is both ineffective and potentially extremely harmful; notes that a 2009 survey of 1,300 British psychiatrists, therapists and psychoanalysts revealed over 200 had attempted to change at least one patient's sexuality (BMC Psychiatry, 9:11, 26 March 2009); further notes than an undercover investigation in 2010 (The Independent, 1 February 2010) found one psychotherapist claimed most of her clients were forwarded to her from her local GP; further notes that the Department of Health does not condone the concept of therapists offering cures for homosexuality and recognises that the practice may well cause significant harm to some patients; is deeply concerned that nothing currently prevents conversion therapists from freely operating in Britain or practising in the psychotherapy sector; and therefore calls on the Government to investigate any NHS links with conversion therapists, ensuring that NHS medical professionals cannot inflict this cruel treatment on their patients and to take steps to ban conversion therapy for under-18s.

Sponsors: Osborne, Sandra / Betts, Clive / Blunt, Crispin / Gilbert, Stephen / McDonnell, John / Williams, Stephen   -  <>  House of Commons: 11.06.2013

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