Tuesday, June 18

Early Day Motion 253: No More Page 3 Campaign
That this House is concerned about the strong link between the portrayal of women as sexual objects and attitudes that underpin violence and discrimination against women and girls; notes that this has been demonstrated by the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women and in a Government-commissioned Sexualisation of Young People Review; applauds the work of the No More Page 3 campaign; observes that The Sun newspaper is available across the parliamentary estate in at least eight locations; further notes that if someone is looking at page 3 of The Sun others can be subjected to it whether they like it or not; and calls on the House of Commons Administration Committee to take the necessary steps to prevent the House stocking The Sun newspaper until it removes the Page 3 feature.

Primary sponsor: Lucas, Caroline  - <>  House of Commons: Date tabled: 17.06.2013


EDM 256: End Trade of Conflict Minerals in the European Union
That this House notes that the European Union (EU) has opened a public consultation on a possible EU initiative on conflict minerals; applauds the hard work of UK non-governmental organisations (NGOs), notably Global Witness, Christian Aid and Save the Congo, as well as Congolese NGOs, particularly ASSODIP, CREDDHO, OGP and CENADEP, for their campaign work to end the international trade of minerals that funds conflict in Congo; recalls the central role played by the UK in clamping down on blood diamonds which funded brutal wars in Angola, DRC, Liberia, Sierra Leone and elsewhere; urges the EU Commission to ensure that the initiative is mandatory, based on the Organisation for Economic, Co-operation and Development's Due Diligence Guidance, applies to all segments in the supply chain and focuses on the 3T's (tungsten, tantalum and tin) and gold but that may be extended to any natural resource funding conflict; and further urges the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Chancellor of the Exchequer to pledge UK support for EU, legally-binding legislation to ensure that natural resources traded by companies and individuals in the UK are sourced responsibly and have not funded conflict or human rights abuses in foreign countries.

Sponsors: Hain, Peter/ Bayley, Hugh - <>  House of Commons: 17.06.2013


Early Day Motion 261: World Health Organisation Report On Iraq
That this House is deeply concerned that a World Health Organisation (WHO) report into the catastrophic health effects of the war in Iraq has still not been published; understand that the report was commissioned to gauge the effect of toxic war pollutants on the population which appears to have resulted in sterility, repeated miscarriages, stillbirths and severe birth defects which are still increasing in frequency; notes that the report was due to be published in November 2012; further notes that 58 scientists, health professionals and human rights activists from around the world have called for its immediate publication; and calls on the Government to put pressure on the WHO to publish the report immediately and to make it available to the House.

Primary sponsor: Galloway, George - <> House of Commons: 17.06.2013


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