Wednesday, January 25

EDM 2638: Safety of Journalists in Somalia
That this House is concerned about the ongoing threats to, and arrests and killing of journalists in Somalia; condemns the mass arrest of journalists without charge in Somaliland; believes that these arrests are an attempt to intimidate journalists into notcovering news stories critical of the governing authorities; is appalled at the killing of journalist Abdisalan Sheik Hassan, who was shot dead on 18 December 2011; equally condemns the killing of journalists Farah Hasan Sahel, Noramfaizul Mohd Nor and Abdiaziz Ahmed Aden, who were killed in 2011; supports the efforts of the National Union of Somali Journalists andits members who perform a crucial role in reporting in Somalia against a background of violence and intimidation for carrying out their jobs; and urges the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to raise the issues of organised and continuing threats against journalists in Somalia as a matter of urgency with the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia.
Primary sponsor: Jeremy Corbyn, date tabled: 24/01/2012

Put your MP to work request they sign EDM 2638
Early Day Motions are very good ways of raising issues in parliament, which may not get debated in normal sittings of parliament.
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