Thursday, January 12

Ken Graves

Below is an email I have recieved from Bro Chris Youett regarding the recent death of Ken Graves. It speaks for itself, although I am sure there is far more that could, and no doubt will, be said.

Dear All,
I regret to inform you that life-long NUJ member Bro Ken Graves passed away over the weekend at Walsgrave Hospital after a short illness.  He was 89.  Bro Graves will be remembered for his many years of service as Midlands Correspondent of the Morning Star.  He used his contacts to regularly out-scoop the rest of the Press pack.
Bro Graves wasn't afraid, either, to remind the Labour Front Bench who had sent them to Parliament & what we expected them to do on our behalf.
As soon as I have details of his funeral, etc, I will let you know.

Yours fraternally,
Bro Chris Youett.

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