Friday, January 27

Saltley Gate Remembered

Invite you to Join Us in a Saltley Gate 40th Anniversary Rally
11am Friday 10th Feb at the site Nr Saltley Gate Roundabout

Speakers from the Strike & Current Struggles, Banners Singers & Poets

We are commemorating the day that 30,000 Birmingham Trade Unionists went on strike in support of the National Union of Mineworkers in their bid for fair pay.

15,000 engineering workers picketed to close the gates of the last remaining open fuel depot - Saltley.

The blockade forced police to close the gates.

Come and Bring your Banners & Placards

See the Story of the Day here . . . .

When Workers Unite WE CAN WIN !

Anyone directly involved at the time, please contact us ASAP

In solidarity: Mary Pearson - BTUC Vice President

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